Your Human Design will give you your unique map to success and make the journey so much more fun.


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stop overthinking


and align your business with your energy. Things  et so much easier and fun when we go with the flow not against it.


... but what if you fly?


being yourself, being proud of yourself and stepping into your power and independence.



I love human design, and here is why you might love it too

I remember exactly how I felt when I had my first reading about 5 years ago. In short, it said that

  • I am very independent and designed to work alone,

  • I am designed to decide things with my gut feeling instantly and

  • I am designed to be multipassionate.

Now, none of these were news to me and I had always operated that way, BUT in my over 25 years of being my own boss, I had beaten myself up over it and thought something was seriously wrong with me. I kept trying over and over to conform with society, be the good girl and fit in a box. Obviously with no success.

The weight that fell off my shoulders and my heart that day was huge, and I was hooked.

  • No more pro-con lists,

  • no more trying to fit in and

  • no more playing small.

When you are on the path to more self-awareness and personal growth, it will do the same for you. It will give you the language to describe what your soul is here to do and it will empower you to be your unique self. Your energetic blueprint is as unique as your fingerprint.

This is the simplest way to get aligned with your energy, so things can flow again and you can enjoy your life while making the impact you came here for.


Client testimonials

It still fascinates me how deep my human design readings are landing with the women I work with and how seen and heard it makes them feel. I felt like this too and it changed my life, which is why I am sharing this incredible tool with you, so you can experience it too.

Kristina Pasukeviciute

"For the longest time, I have been feeling like a flawed black sheep without a clear direction. I was wandering between passions and activities trying to find my niche. Sharonah gave me a feeling of being heard and understood and actually quite normal the way I am! She uncovered some fundamental truths about the way I operate that changed my perspective. Our sessions inspired me to believe that I am capable of being my true self and encouraged me to just go for everything I have in mind and heart. She shed some light on the way forward and shared many great resources to follow and get inspired on my own. I'm grateful for the pleasure to be guided by Sharonah and for the knowledge and stories she shared."

Suzi Allen

"Working with Sharonah has been such an eye-opening experience, a real game changer. It’s like I finally know who I am and why, like I have been given permission to be me, and that being me is pretty fantastic! I have always felt, or I have allowed society to make me feel, like a failure, because I don’t class myself as an expert in anything. But my oh my how I have had that turned on its head! To discover what it truly means to be multi-passionate and all the incredible strengths that come with it has really flipped my attitude towards myself. I am more compassionate towards myself and have a much greater understanding of my skills and place in the world, my confidence and self-worth has soared and I finally have belief in myself. I can’t thank Sharonah enough for being the catalyst in helping me to discover my true self."

Vikki Hone

"I will forever be grateful to Sharonah for my Human Design Reading, it feels as though a light has been shone inside me and shown me my true self. Everything that she said made perfect sense, she really was reading ME and all of me. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise and yet somehow it was like I was learning who I actually am. I feel as though, by understanding my Human Design, I’ve been given permission to be and do all of the things that come most naturally to me. The societal shoulds and shouldn’ts have been cast aside because THIS is who I am and THIS is who I am supposed to be. Thank you, SOO much, Sharonah - you have an incredible gift and I am so thankful that I’ve been able to experience it."