Imagine it and you will create it!

authenticity & clarity coaching

Being multipassionate is your magic on your unique path to success.

Together we change futures!

show me how

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the volume of your ideas?

Imagine the impact your business could have, making this world a better place if you didn't struggle with the follow-through and shiny object syndrome. What if you could trust your path and use your gift of seeing endless possibilities?

Is the lack of clarity preventing you from being visible?

Imagine what life would look like if it was easy to appreciate life in the moment and create beauty for yourself and others with ease. What if that's all it takes to stop playing small and living a life full of magic possibilities?

Do you struggle with self-doubt and being inconsistent? 

Imagine what doors can open when you connect deeply with your most authentic self and give yourself permission to trust your path to success your way, which may be different to anyone else path, and that's ok.

Let's change the world together


Success becomes inevitable,

once you become aware of all your talents, skills and experiences and will open yourself up, to see what's possible for you. Warning, you can't unsee it ever again.





Freedom comes with  clarity,

how to create your unique blend with ease, knowing exactly where to make an impact, that has a ripple effect in the world, and how to build your business on the foundation of your unique energetic blueprint.




An aligned & authentic business,

doesn't have to be hard work. True success is to love what you do and have the space, time and money to enjoy your life.



You have multipassionate 




I've got your back.
I understand what drives you and what is holding you back, and above all, I understand your multipassionateness. 

I know,

what it feels like to struggle as a multipassionate entrepreneur and have an allergic reaction to niching down or trying to do one thing at a time.

Having an endless stream of ideas can be a blessing and a curse, and it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and stuck if you don't know how to streamline that energy.

In fact, I experienced burnout every time I tried to fit in the box and do one thing from start to finish. The struggle is real and rarely understood by people who don't share that secret superpower with you.
Because of it, I struggled with self-doubt for a long time before I learned about my unique energetic blueprint from Human Design and other self-awareness tools. I found the answers to how to listen to your inner authority and be connected to your higher self to unlock your creativity and the steps to take on your unique path to success.
There is an easy way to start your journey by unlocking your full potential so you can avoid mediocracy and have an impact on the world to make it a better place.
Clarity of where you want to be gives you the inner knowing that you are on the right path and allows you to trust in the process.
In my over 25 years of running a small business, I have collected the tools that empower you to make it happen. As a small business owner life and business are deeply connected, so all the tools are for both, which becomes especially important if you experience the total lack of joy through perimenopause and find yourself wanting to go into hiding. Been there, done that.


I want to unlock my secret superpower with Human Design

Many multipassionate women suppress their sparkling creativity

As a multipassionate myself and an authenticity coach, I know you are the kind of woman who wants to create a thriving "lazy" business where you have total freedom to sprinkle in all your magic.

In order to be successful without the hustle, you need to streamline your ideas and your energy, so you can enjoy and love your business. The problem is that you suppress your sparkling creativity to force yourself into a box to avoid being called flaky or too much for people, which makes you feel joyless and playing small. You feel guilty for not living your full potential and your soul is not happy about it.

Together we change futures

I believe that your business is as unique as your fingerprint and needs a very different and non-linear approach to what we are made to believe is the "right" way. I know how it feels to think something is seriously wrong with you because you can't decide or choose one thing. There is no right or wrong way to do business, there is only your way. And it needs to be tailored to you so you have the energy for it and it lights you up, because otherwise it will not be sustainable.





So this is how it works

We start with the foundation.
Together, we look at your vision, what changes in the world you want to see in the future, and where your talents, skills, and experiences are. Next, we overlay that with your energetic blueprint from your Human Design chart. The outcome is a plan for a business, that just like a house with all its different rooms, has all your passions under one roof.
Now that we know where we are going we can see the path to get there. From here we take aligned action, become visible and create online and offline offers that light you up and give you energy for more. Success is inevitable, so you can stop playing small and become your most authentic beautiful successful self.